Winner of the First Horizon Award for superior work by a debut author.

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In the beginning…


In the beginning,

Like Kindergarten, per say,


A little boy, seated, looking

towards the sky.

In the core of some playground.

Cloudy eyes, tearful and wondering.

Knees to chest, he asks for more.

Hugging diverse ideas to Converse shoes,

hidden deep down under red fire engine slides and

Mustard-colored monkey bars.


I approach him, there


It was you.


In the middle,


an uncharted battleground,

so new and unlike our past plastic universe:

(then, of weightless whims and the everlasting,

climbing up and sliding down, with

giggles bouncing off the pavement again and again

and again). Now, immediate, shared immensity,

we held it in our hands. We

looked through, stomped on top, learned the Ins and Outs

of this endless frontier.


I spotted you all the way across. Always


I was me and we with you.


In the end, leaving,

You said “soon.”

Cloudy eyes, tearful and wondering,

I approached you.

There, near uncertain boundaries, we are

forced to refine the defining line of

these next new steps.

Of Where and When and Why.

Leaving, we knew

The rendezvous was “soon” and

the substance of us like candy,

held in your palm  — the fuel for more — as you turn.


Away, behind me as you leave,

I look forward and smile.





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