Winner of the First Horizon Award for superior work by a debut author.

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Letters In Cardboard Boxes includes a series of fantastical letters exchanged between Parker and her grandmother over a number of years. These letters accompanied Parker during the lonely days of her childhood without her globe-trekking parents and helped the pair communicate during Parker’s turbulent teenage years.

This page includes a series of extra letters between Parker and her grandmother that are not found in Letters In Cardboard Boxes, and are meant for additional enjoyment.

Below, you can suggest places where Parker and her grandmother should travel!

December 7, 1990  

Dear Parker,

I’m on the beach in Hawaii. I can’t even think about words because the sunset stole them all.

Will you join me?

All my love, Grandma

February 20, 1990

   Dear Grandma,

   I wish you could see me here at Disney World. Mickey has promised to sit with me on all the rides and I’m being really brave! Even the fast ones don’t scare me today! Maybe I’m finally big enough for the coaster at Coney Island? Can we go Sunday?

  Love, Parker


August 10, 1993

Dear Parker,

I can barely keep myself upright here at Oktoberfest in Germany! Boy is it fun sampling all the local beers and meeting so many people from all over the world! I hope you’ll join me and learn about the process of making beer from my new friend Inga. She owns a local microbrewery here in town and oh my, does she love to drink!

Inga  says that lots of kids come to Oktoberfest and forget to be responsible and make certain fools of themselves. It sure does take some of the fun out of the whole thing!

I hope you’ll come by and talk to Inga and me about your recent experiences with alcohol. Certainly I taught you to have more respect for your wine, but I know peer pressure can be hard.

Let’s talk, Parker!
Love, Grandma


November 10, 1989

Dear Grandma,

I’m on the moon! The space shuttle is so loud and large, but I feel lighter than a feather. I think I see your house from up here, hello! Will you join me?

They don’t have Nathan’s hot dogs up here, so maybe we can go tomorrow to Coney Island and eat three each! Are you busy?

Love, Parker

May 8, 1993

Dear Grandma,

All my life I wanted to go to Japan but mom and dad would never take me. So I decided to come here on my own and see the sights. I’m visiting most of the ancient castles and temples and trying not to get in anyone’s way. The roofs of all the houses look sloped like waterfalls.

There’s so many people here, it’s overwhelming! Way more than New York, I think. And even though I miss home, it’s nice to be somewhere new after getting left behind.

Can we have a sleepover on Saturday and talk about my trip?

Love, Parker

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