Winner of the First Horizon Award for superior work by a debut author.

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special thanks


Letters In Cardboard Boxes is dedicated to Dorothy and Jerry Fogel, whose love inspired this story. And, for Dominick, for showing me how this love could be real.


This website and this novel would not have been possible without the help of many. Like anything of substance, it results from love and support and for that, I thank:

My parents, for life above all and for teaching passion and perseverance. I would be nothing without them. For my grandparents, for their support and encouragement throughout my life. And, for teaching me to sing through life even though I have the most awful voice, I thank Grandma Blanche.

For my brother, who taught me what it means to be strong.

Letters began with a moment of discovery while searching through the remnants of my grandparents’ lives, and with a question from Robyn Lerner, who asked one evening in 2007, “You wanna write together?” For that, I am eternally grateful.

For my “creative team”, composed of a handful of very talented friends who were always willing to provide feedback and support despite how busy their own lives might have been, thank you Lauri Khan, Scott Hong, Chrissy Carter, Tim Loudon, Noemi Figueroa, Joanna Feldman, Robyn Lerner, and Kristin Ostby.

For those who proofread Letters, and in some cases multiple times, I thank Joanna Feldman, John Alexander, Robyn Lerner, Kristin Ostby, and Julie Zafiropoulos.

I am deeply appreciative of those who supported the first round of publication through our Kickstarter campaign:

Matthew Glazer, Lisa Samick, Nathan Slovin, Denise Cavadias, Scott Glazer, James Rota and Don Massetti, Kristin Ostby, Tara Greene, Crystal Kulp, Abbey Nucci, Sherry Grossman, Trish Collins, Francine Slovin, Robyn Lerner, Jason Slovin, Becky Haas, Monish Dhansinghani, Gwen Sund, Francis Bitonti, Jacki Fogel, Joann Fanelli, Cheryl Feder, Aimee Oberstein, Ray Khan, Lauri Khan, Terry Pinkava, Beverly Glazer, Rebecca Collora, Ashley Platt, Debbie Chesebro, Eddie Grey, Dominick Fanelli, Ed Rasko, alow, and Nishita Dewan.


This project would have been nothing without all of you, and anything that might result from this moment is ours to share.