Winner of the First Horizon Award for superior work by a debut author.

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Abby Slovin was born in the summer of 1983 and lived in the same house on Long Island until attending the University of Michigan. She has a deep love for New York City, Brooklyn especially, where much of her family has its roots. She loves to spend time outdoors, travel, research family genealogy, and relax at home in Jersey City with her husband, Dominick and dog, Grumpy.

She has been influenced by many writers, and among her favorites are Kurt Vonnegut, Woody Allen, Ruth Ozeki, and Charles Baxter. She loves witty prose and stories with complex relationships between characters.

Photo by Reena Rose Sibayan/The Jersey Journal

Abby wrote Letters In Cardboard Boxes, her first novel, over the course of three years from November 2007 until October 2010. She is currently working on her second novel, and is hoping readers will give their input on her next project. Readers can also access other work by Abby on this website, including poetry and short stories.

Those who are interested in learning more about the author should check out this website’s Press page and contact her with additional questions or feedback.